TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Get ready for the opening of the new academic year

These days, Tecom is upgrading, supplying and installing audio-video equipment and turn-key-solutions for auditoriums and classrooms at universities and colleges, schools and educational institutions for the benefit of all students and lecturers.

upgrading auditorium at the university

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

New installation of TecPodium I - smart AV lecterns and AV equipment has been successfully completed by Tecom

 Tecom has completed another successful installation and delivered smart AV lecterns – TecPodium I and AV high-quality equipment – for the college auditoriums, after the AV team chose Tecom advanced AV solutions.

TecPodium I - smart AV lecterns by Tecom

The TecPodium I is a compact, modern and easy-to-use AV lectern which controls on all the AV equipment that installed also by Tecom in the auditorium: PTZ cameras, lecture capture, electric screens, projectors and sound systems for the convenience of students and lectures for distance learning also.

Now, users report on complete satisfaction from the advanced and easy-to-use AV solutions with zero glitches.

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Monday, July 4, 2022

Municipality Upgrades Conference Rooms with Tecom AV Solutions

 The Municipality chose Tecom advanced AV solutions for upgrading its conference and management rooms, turning them into hybrid councils' meetings for the benefit of citizens. 

The Municipality officials and technical teams report excellent professional and efficient experience with easy-to-use and reliable AV equipment.

Capture systems and PTZ cameras installed in the Municipality Conference Rooms

The technological upgrade included conference capture systems, PTZ cameras, microphones, LED screens, sound systems, control and monitoring systems and more.

Tecom specializes in AV system integration solutions for audio-video systems and technology-intensive projects for leading organizations worldwide.

Among our clientele are educational and academic institutions, military institutions, industry and defense, government ministries, corporations, banks, high-tech companies, municipalities, local councils and local authorities.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Nursing Simulation and Training School Gets TecPodium Lecterns

The School chose to install Tecom Electronics AV lecterns – TecPodium I, a compact, smart and high-quality lectern which controls on all the multimedia and AV equipment installed in the classroom, simple to use in a push of a button.

TecPodium I smart AV lectern by Tecom Electronics

Now, presenters and staff can deliver their lessons and lectures without any glitches and complications using computers, laptops, sound system and projectors.

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Tecom Electronics has successfully completed another installation of hybrid lecture halls with AV equipment at the academic institution

In each hall, PTZ cameras, projectors, screens, audio systems and lecture capture systems were installed for the ease of use of the lecturers and for the convenience of the students for distance learning as well.

Tecom Electronics Hybrid Classrooms for Education Facilities

Now, you can easily upgrade your classrooms to a hybrid one and make it accessible for distance learning as well, comfortably and professionally 💪

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Tecom installs lecture capture systems turning classrooms to hybrid ones

Tecom Electronics successfully completed another great project at the university – upgrading lecture classrooms to Hybrid classrooms.

The classrooms are used by the lectures and students for video conference with colleagues in the country and abroad.

Hybrid Classrooms by Tecom Electronics

In the classrooms: robotic cameras, video conferencing and control systems, lecture capture systems, screens and microphones were installed, all for the ease of use by lecturers, faculty staff and students' convenience.  

Tecom Electronics specializes in making complex technological AV equipment accessible, and upgrading classrooms with simple, easy to use and operate systems.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Tecom Electronics installed in the museum halls TecPodium Lite -  smart AV lecterns and an advanced, simple-to-use AV equipment -  electric screens, projectors, amplifiers and more - for the convenience of the lecturers and the audience to their full satisfaction.

TecPodium Lite smart AV lectern

Why settle for less when you can

get the BEST!

Tecom offers special, cost-effective pricing for educational and governmental customers.

Now you can benefit from all the updated smart lecterns features and new models for a fraction of the price. 

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

TecPodium smart AV lectern Combined with lecture capture systems

Tecom Electronics has completed an upgrade in a college that has chosen to equip Tecom's Audio Video solutions.

Tecom provided and installed in the lecture halls smart AV TecPodium I lecterns, a compact, smart and high-quality lecterns with USB connections and a laptop connectivity, which controls on all multimedia and AV equipment in the classrooms, simple to use and efficient. 

TecPodium lecterns easily integrates with lecture capture systems for smooth presentations - all for the benefit and convenience of the faculty team and students.

TecPodium I smart lectern

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