TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Social Sciences College Updates Smart Classrooms

TecPodium Interactive Lectern controls all AV devices

Social Sciences College choose TecPodium Interactive Lecterns for its’ new lecturing hall and smart classrooms. The College provides courses in philosophy, history, social sciences, literature and fine arts.

TecPodium Interactive Lectern TPI-12W installed at the College

On the technical side, TecPodium Interactive Lectern, an All-in-One podium, controls the dual projection system in the room. All the Audio-Video devices are easily managed from the lectern control panel which also allows the presenter to control the sound, light system and electric blinds.

The College Project Manager was very satisfied with the outcome and mentioned that now the upgraded classrooms are much more functional and efficient and have zero technical issues.

Turning classrooms into a presentation environment has never been easier with Tecom all-in-one AV solutions.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Hospital Auditorium Goes Interactive

TecPodium Presenter Height Adjustable Lectern on stage

A large hospital in Russia has recently decided to renovate its main 1,000 seats auditorium. The auditorium is referred to as the “face” of the hospital, and hosts many important conventions every year.

The TecPodium Presenter HD, a height adjustable lectern, was the chosen solution alongside additional five Interactive Pen Displays, for an easy to use presentation solution.

TecPodium Presenter and Interactive Screens with the wood "facade" at the hospital renovated auditorium

TecPodium Presenter HD is a revolutionary all-in-one AV lectern. The Presenter allows for a perfect height adjustment with the lecturer work surface, at the touch of a button. All the audio-visual equipment is secure and locked within the lectern.

TecPodium Presenter allows a perfect hight adjustment

The architect in the project wanted to have a wooden appearance for the AV system on stage which was achieved by custom-made birch wood casing for the Lectern and speakers panel table where the interactive screens were integrated.

The Presenter lectern carries a 22” multi-touch screen and integrated push button controls that allow easy operation of all presentation sources in the room. It also meets all ADA requirements for fitting the workplace to people with disabilities.

Interactive Screens enables direct annotation on the screen

The LIS-85W – 21.5” Interactive Pen Displays were installed in the speaker’s panel and allow online collaboration and joint work on the same screen for all participants. It enables direct annotation on the screen. All annotations, drawings or notes can be saved at the end of the presentation or even emailed directly to participants.

The end result is an easy to use, highly advanced interactive AV system that combines functionality, ease of use and esthetics.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Healthcare Facility chooses TecPodium Lecterns

Patients and Staff Cafeteria turns into an Interactive Presentation Space

A healthcare facility wanted to upgrade the use and functionality of their existing cafeteria by adding AV capabilities to the space and allowing presentations and other social gatherings for the patients and staff.

Tecom provided its TecPodium Interactive Lectern, an all-in-one Audio Visual Podium, with some extra sound reinforcement for the larger space, Hitachi Full-HD projector, motorized projection screen and lights control system.  All the AV equipment is easily managed from the lectern control panel.

TecPodium Interactive Lectern TPI-12W installed at the cafeteria

TecPodium is easy to use, simply click a single button to switch between the sources
Now presenters and staff can present their materials smoothly from the lectern, share videos and even project HD movies from the satellite receiver which was connected to the integrated TecomTranslator switcher/scaler (TSS-650) as an additional input source.

The healthcare facility director commented: “We wanted to create a presentation and fun environment for our patients and staff so we could use our cafeteria more often. We achieved our goals completely with the Tecom AV system and are very pleased with the results.”

TecPodium is turning multi-purpose spaces into a presentation environment

Integrates all audio-visual equipment in a compact lecturer podium
Turning multi-purpose spaces into a presentation environment has never been easier with Tecom all-in-one AV solutions.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Academic Center chooses TecPodium Lite HD Lecterns

Easy-to-use, All-in-One lectern eliminates technical difficulties

One of the leading Academic Centers chose, once again, Tecom lecterns and AV solutions for their new Auditorium.  From early start, the IT department knew they wanted an easy to use solution.  As the AV hub in this unique project, TecPodium Lite Lectern was customized to include a pop-up connections box with special AV connections and articulated monitor arm.

Presenters easily use TecPodium Lite lectern at the new auditorium

LiteThe ergonomically designed TecPodium Lite HD provides lecturers an easy-to-use access to all the audiovisual equipment in the auditorium, including computer, projector, laptop, sound and more.
Now, the new Auditorium attracts many lecturers and is being used for presentations, gatherings and for other events such as day and evening events. Presenters operate the installed AV system and love the simplicity and ease of use, while the technical team enjoys the reliability and high performance of the system.

Monday, February 29, 2016

School of Education New HD Studios use TecPodium Lite

Leading University chooses Tecom for a Turn Key Solution 
A recent decision to design and build a new educational studio and control room in a University School of Education, led to Tecom TecPodium lecterns as the main technological hub in the studio. The new studio is designed to serve both students and lecturers, who carved on their flag : "Education and Excellence".
On the technical side, Tecom supplied TecPodium Lite HD lecterns, which provide easy-to-use access to all the audiovisual equipment in the studio including computer, projector, laptop, sound and more.  Ergonomically designed, the Lite HD Lectern also includes an interactive pen display to allow direct on screen annotation.
Ultra-short Hitachi interactive projectors allow the lecturers to annotate on the whiteboard as well. The studio has 3 PTZ HD cameras and microphone recording system to allow recording of multiple angles. Sound masking wall tiles were also installed for better acoustic treatment.
"Before" and "After" shots of one of the new educational studios
The School CIO commented: "Now, we can easily use the studio. Presenters are more confident with the technology in the model classroom we’ve designed so we’re more focused on how to improve educators rather than handle the equipment. We are very pleased with the TecPodium Lite lecterns and so are our teachers."

Monday, February 8, 2016

College Expands with TecPodium Workstation

College of Engineering new expansion gets TecPodium WorkStations in a collaborative project with Crestron controllers

The TecPodium WorkStation is the most cost effective complete solution that Tecom has in its product line. Complete with an HD switching scaling system – TSS-650 – also known as The Translator.

TecPodium was fitted with a 3rd party control system (Crestron in this case) and central monitoring software, providing the IT managers an updated status and remote control over all AV components.

The new classrooms at the College of Engineering with TecPodium Workstations and Crestron controllers

Now teachers at the College have the ability to connect their HD and analog laptops or use the integrated PC within the WorkStations. High-resolution monitors allow instructors to face their audience at all times while presenting.

Involving both furniture and technology solutions, this custom project was yet another great example of how Tecom thinks ‘out of the box’ to deliver AV solutions - out of the box.

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