TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Smart Lectern for "Hybrid Classrooms"

The Faculty of Social Work at the University wished to establish a "hybrid classroom" for distance learning during this challenging period. Tecom was chosen for the project and installed its smart lectern - TecPodium I and AV Solutions in the main hall.

TecPodium I looks great in the new "hybrid classroom"

TecPodium I is an innovative, compact lectern which has a smart AV control system and a modern look. It allows you to teach or give a lecture and presentation easily, without any AV technical issues. 

TecPodium I connects to cameras and streaming service to deliver the lecture in live to all the students who study from their homes.

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Tecom offers special, cost-effective pricing for educational and governmental customers.

Now you can benefit from all the updated smart lecterns features and new models for a fraction of the price. Click below to learn more.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Museum Auditoriums Renovation with Tecom Lecterns

 High-profile Museum decided to renovate its main auditoriums and equip the new facility with AV solutions with high visibility and uncompromising quality.

Tecom was chosen to equip, install and provide TecPodium Prime & TecPodium Lite smart lecterns. 

TecPodium Lecterns are used by guest lecturers at the newly refurbished Museum Auditoriums

TecPodium Prime is a breakthrough audio visual smart lectern. It has every multimedia capability built-in for a lecture/ presentation and is managed through one simple control panel.

TecPodium Lite is a simple answer to Complex Classroom Technology - a complete solution for any classroom, boardroom and training room. The ergonomic design with an adjustable screen mount allows presenters to adjust the screen angle for maximum comfort.

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Technology Classrooms renewed with TecPodium AV solutions

 Due to Covid-19 pandemic and the recent changes, many educational institutions are adopting distance learning methods.

Tecom Electronics is leading the area by offering high-quality and advanced AV equipment and technological solutions you need for staying relevant in this period of time.

TecPodium Lecterns integrated with Lecture Capture Cameras

The desire of a higher education institutions to upload the recorded content to a cloud service or streaming directly on to their students, is becoming increasingly relevant, as the demand is expanding and becomes the new standard.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Tecom Audio-Video accessories are the preferred choice for Huddle Rooms

Tecom provided advanced audio-video solutions to a library educational space that is now conveniently and effectively used by students for brainstorming and presentations.

The Faculty of Law Library decided to accommodate a central space for the benefit of the students, where they can give presentations and brainstorm. The Faculty team examined several solutions and selected Tecom high-quality solutions for the new Huddle Rooms.

Tecom AV accessories for Huddle Rooms

Now, students can use the large LED screens, projectors, sound equipment, room controllers and more to work in teams, shared thoughts, deliver presentations and learn in advanced multimedia classrooms. Simple, easy and aesthetic solution. 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Technology Classrooms renewed with TecPodium Lecterns

 The University Center for Cyber, Law and Policy (CCLP) has renewed its classrooms and chose Tecom Electronics advanced technological solutions.

TecPodium I with the optional cable harness and wheel base for maximum flexibility in the classroom

TecPodium I smart and compact lectern, alongside a projector and motorized screen, were installed in the classrooms for the convenience and satisfaction of the lecturers.

Now, presenters can focus on their presentation and materials rather than dealing with technical issues and complex operations.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Hospital Training Facility Goes Interactive - FAST!

 Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Tecom Electronics has recently equipped several training facilities with professional Audio-Video equipment and solutions.

To train and educate the medical staff in the best and the quickest manner, the installation of the AV equipment was at a record speed due to the pre-configured TecPodium Lecterns. TecPodium I, a compact and innovative smart lectern, was installed in every training room for the comfort and satisfaction of the medical staff.

TecPodium I lectern

TecPodium I connects to any projector and has a unique control panel controlling the sound system, amplifier, screen, projector and all the AV equipment in the room, in an easy way.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Smart Lectern Looks Great at the new Nursing School Auditorium

Hospital medical center chose to install TecPodium Lite smart lectern in its Nursing School main auditorium.

TecPodium Lite installed in the new Auditorium

TecPodium Lite is an innovative and modern smart lectern, providing you with a complete Audio-Video turn key solution. The ergonomic design with an adjustable screen mount allows presenters to adjust the screen angle for maximum comfort. With great looks and features like sound system with amplifier and speakers, control panel, computer as well as guest laptop connectivity and more, you simply can't go wrong. The client added the School logo on the front for perfect appearance!

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Smart Lecterns for Training rooms in Medical Centers - TecPodium Lite Lecterns transform small rooms into interactive classrooms

Large Health Services provider examined various technological solutions for upgrading small training rooms and turning them into interactive classrooms. The educational and technical teams found Tecom Lecterns as the most efficient, high quality and most convenient solutions.

TecPodium Lite

TecPodium Lite smart lecterns were installed in the training rooms to the great satisfaction of instructors and users. The advanced lectern includes a simple control panel that allows control over all the AV equipment, fast connection to HDMI and laptops and has an aesthetic, modern and sleek look.


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Thursday, June 25, 2020

TecPodium Prime Lectern takes center stage in the main auditorium

Faculty of Humanities chose the TecPodium Prime as the solution for the main lecture hall. The smart lectern provides a complete audio-visual solution, with a unique operating panel that provides control over all devices in a simple and clear way, at a click of a button.

TecPodium Prime

The TecPodium Prime Lectern saves you time and money – say STOP to glitches during presentations, wasted time, equipment failures and technical hassle. Reliability, efficiency and ease of use have made Tecom Lecterns a desirable and sought-after solution.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hospital Training Facility Goes Interactive with Tecom Lecterns

A large training school in a Hospital recently installed TecPodium I Lecterns in several spaces, turning them into interactive classrooms. Now Doctors and presenters are able to play presentations and videos, use USB and internet connections as well as enjoy quick and convenient connection to a laptop guest computer. The speaker microphone and sound system are already there so working with TecPodium I lectern is easy, simple and requires no explanation whatsoever.

TecPodium I lectern

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Tecom Electronics Smart Lecterns for Faculty of Social Work - New Technology Classrooms

The Faculty of Social Work at the University decided to install the new "TecPodium I" lectern in its classroom. TecPodium I lectern is an innovative, compact and modern-looking All in One podium. The operation of the lectern is simple and friendly, allowing content and lectures to be delivered simply and conveniently without unnecessary technical complications.

TecPodium I lectern

TecPodium I carries a cost-effective price that makes it an ideal solution for multiple classrooms or training rooms. The ADA compliant lectern has a steel structure and stable base. It has a user friendly, pre-programmed, projector control system with integrated HD switching and scaling system. It also accommodates a 21.5″ screen with USB connections, keyboard and mouse. The easily accessible HDMI and VGA laptop connectivity ports and the AC power outlet help presenters to concentrate on their message instead of solving AV hiccups. It has a Gooseneck microphone, amplifier and external speakers for voice and audio amplification.


Monday, April 20, 2020

Tecom Electronics offers Infrared Thermometer Systems to Public Spaces

COVID-19 Corona Crisis "EXIT" Strategy - Human Body Temperature Measuring in Public Spaces

Tecom Electronics, operating in the fields of system integration and smart lecterns for more than 20 years worldwide, has teamed up with DIXION, a German manufacturer of medical equipment for offering infrared temperature measurement system that performs real-time temperature scanning.

The spread of the Corona virus in the world will soon require many countries to implement regulations and laws that will require body temperature measurement at the entrance to public areas, hospitals, airport terminals, educational institutions, universities, shopping malls, office buildings and more.

In order not to waste time preparing organizations, a safe and effective routine must be prepared.


THE Dixion HY-2005B MEASURING SYSTEM OF HUMAN BODY TEMPERATURE, an IR remote human body temperature measurement system has been working successfully for many years, including during the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in 2003, Ebola in 2014, and the Corona epidemic.

The scan system is already installed at airports, hospitals, terminals and more and allows for quick passage of people without creating "traffic jams" at the entrance to buildings and aisles.

Tecom Electronics is turning to worldwide customers, dealers and resellers for a pre-order option. The global expectation is that thousands of office buildings, public buildings, educational institutions and businesses will need temperature measurement solutions.

Stalling orders can cause your business to lose months of financial loss, long wait times and employees who want to return to their work but are afraid to do so because the organization is not prepared to prevent the Corona epidemic.

In view of demand, prices may also go up, companies, public institutions and educational institutions that book by the end of April will benefit from attractive prices and short delivery lead times.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Professional High School chooses TecPodium Lite for the main Auditorium

The new main auditorium in the School serves conferences, seminars, parties, lectures, tutorials and workshops. The school chose Tecom Electronics advanced solutions and the smart Lectern-TecPodium Lite.

TecPodium Lite in the main auditorium

The innovative and designed lectern integrated all the audio-video equipment, connects to the laser projector and sound system in the auditorium, which allowing a simple operation and comprehensive presentation solution.

TecPodium Lite Smart Lectern

TecPodium Lite features an adjustable screen mount that allows each lecturer to adjust the screen angle for maximum comfort. TecPodium Lite upgrades any lecture hall or classroom, providing lecturers ease and comfort throughout their presentations.

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TecPodium I smart lectern in Technological Schools

Technological Schools chain chose to install the TecPodium I Lectern in its main computer lab.

TecPodium I in a computer lab

Tecom Electronics Lecterns are characterized by easy and convenient use, provide an elegant and efficient solution and connect to any projector or display screen.

TecPodium I Smart Lectern

In this case, the Lectern is also equipped with the optional wheels and wire harness that allows mobility and flexibility in the study area.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

TecPodium I - upgrades any training room

Nursing School in a large Hospital chose TecPodium I lecterns to its classrooms. The Lectern provides a unique and effective solution to training. The compact and space saving cabinet structure accommodates all the Audio-Visual equipment typically used in a presentation, with a locking door that keeps it safe and secure.

TecPodium I is a complete solution for any classroom, boardroom and training room. Quick to install, the TecPodium I features a true plug and play capability.

TecPodium I

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TecPodium WorkStation turnes Library computer lab into an interactive learning space

Faculty of Exact Sciences Library turned its computer lab into an interactive learning space where students and professors interact.

The TecPodium Workstation was installed alongside a powerful Epson laser projector and complete sound system. Now the Lectern is used to control the AV equipment for the benefit of students.

TecPodium WorkStation

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

TecPodium - All in One Multimedia Lecterns ☄️🥇

Faculty of Humanities at the University chose TecPodium Prime All in One lectern for it’s classrooms. TecPodium Multimedia Lecterns are fully equipped with all the typical AV equipment used in a presentation to ensure high performance, availability and long lasting reliability.

TecPodium Prime
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TecPodium I - Turn-Key solution - Compact, Modern & Easy-to-use 🥇💡

A Professional Trade Union representing freelance professionals, chose to upgrade its lecture rooms with TecPodium I Lectern - in the main hall, where lectures, seminars and conferences are held on a daily basis. The smart lectern is connected to the projector and controls all the audio-visual equipment in the room.

TecPodium I lectern
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