TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Federal Republic of Nigeria Defence Headquarters Gets TecPodium Interactive Lecterns

The complex project and strict customer requirements led to choosing the user-friendly and fully integrated Tecom podiums

The Nigerian Defence Headquarters (DHQ) supervises the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as Tri-Services Institutions.

Recently, a new 21st century DHQ building, comprised of a main conference hall, monitoring room and staff offices, was specially constructed with the intention of providing better logistics for conferencing and office accommodation for the DHQ personnel.

“We are Focusing on high-end solutions”, says Idongesit Inyang of Hewelt Systems Limited, integrators of the DHQ Smart Conference room project. “The facility represents the integrity of Nigeria’s Armed Forces which demanded an AV solution that would address modern presentation needs with superior technology that guarantees security and flexibility.”

TecPodium Interactive lecterns with multi-touch monitor at the DHQ conference room

On the technical side, four high-resolution 98” Ultra LED screens, in strategic positions within the room, provide ease of view for all participants. Three Pan, zoom and tilt HD cameras allow conference streaming, recording and live broadcast from the main hall to remote sites worldwide.

In the center of the main hall, two fully equipped TecPodium Interactive Lecterns (Tecom TPI-12W) were installed with IPD (interactive pen display) and multi-touch capabilities serving as the brainbox for presentations and lectures. Sporting a modern look and a push-button, user-friendly interface, the TecPodium Interactive was chosen for its smart capabilities, helping presenters focus on their materials.

TecPodium Interactive unique design allow seamless transition of presentation sources-from PC to laptops, document cameras, DVD and more.
The AV part of the project was completed in record time, thanks to the smooth installation of the two prefabricated Interactive TecPodiums.

TecPodium Interactive at the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria

“On project commissioning ceremony day, TecPodium all-in-one commanded the attention of all the visitors as it answered all presentation needs in one solution. There could be no better solution than this, both in design and function” says Inyang. “With the professional help of the Tecom team, we didn’t have to build the podiums by ourselves.  We just shared the client’s demands for simplicity and durability. Tecom manufactured, quality-assured and shipped the units completely assembled and ready to use.  We took it out of the box, plugged it and we were good to go!”

Local and international conferences held at the new facility

Ben-Or, Tecom Sales Manager: “The Nigerian DHQ joins a respectful list of top Military organizations worldwide that chose the TecPodium solution as their standard.  We’re very happy to complete yet another successful international project and already working on other multiple ones.”

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Multi-Purpose Spaces Reinvented with TecPodium!

The concept of a multi-purpose spaces, as you know it, is changing.

A couple of recent TecPodium installations that completely transformed the use of these spaces were a School Library and an Art School main theater hall.

In the School library, the height adjustable TecPodium Presenter and an interactive pen display (writing tablet) for direct annotation on the fly, were selected and the space was redesigned to serve as an interactive classroom and collaboration space.

The School Library transformed into an interactive learning space with TecPodium Presenter

The Art School theater hall was equipped with the stylish TecPodium Lite. Sporting a sleek design, custom overall black paint and two wheels allow the easy transformation from an acting stage to a multi-purpose lecture hall and school gatherings.

Overall black paint helps to seamlessly blend TecPodium technology into the stage

Whether you’re a University or College, bank or corporation, government or a hospital–Tecom can help you transform your spaces into interactive learning environments!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You Asked, Tecom Delivers! NEW - Quick and Accurate Web-Based Price Quotations

Tecom Electronics is proud to launch its all new quote generator.

Now, you can get an online price for Tecom TecPodium lecterns and smart podiums for your classroom technology upgrade.

Share with us what you would like to achieve as a goal, when is your project due or let us know if you want to integrate additional components to your TecPodium solution.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Lawyers Go Interactive with TecPodium Lecterns

The Bar Association, established in 1961, incorporates all lawyers in the State and deals with issues in the field of law in general, especially those related to litigation, ethics and protection of professional affairs. The Bar Association was looking for a comprehensive presentation solution to its Lecture Hall and main Library that would fit their needs and requirements.

The main lecture hall at the Bar Association library has turned into a smart presentation room with the introduction of the TecPodium Interactive lectern, now used both by staff and guest lecturers

Professors, lawyers, students and a great number of guest speakers from all over the world are using the main Lecture Hall. For these kind of scenarios, where end-users vary, Tecom delivered its’ TecPodium Interactive Lectern.  The Interactive Lectern is ideal for guest lectures as it integrates a unique control panel that controls all the audiovisual equipment in the room such as lighting, computer, document camera, laptop connections, projector, screen and more.
In the new and upgraded Library hall, the chosen solution was the TecPodium Presenter HD Lectern with similar features, multi-touch monitor and a very small footprint. The Presenter HD is a fully ADA compliant podium with electronic height adjustment.

TecPodium Presenter HD, height adjustable lectern installed at the Library of the Bar Association

The Bar Association IT Manager said: “Now, presentation sessions are being conducted easily and comfortably. Lawyers that usually spend time in these presentation spaces, report that they enjoy the significant change that TecPodium Lecterns introduced mainly as they are so easy to use and always works. For us at IT Department this is a Win-Win situation.”

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tecom re-Invents AV Lecterns - City Hall Goes Interactive with TecPodium

The City AV team decided to renovate the main conference room at the City Hall. In the older Conference room, there were special needs, especially when conducting long meetings. Among those needs, was an extensive use of presentation equipment such as a projector, screen, computer, electrical, pop-up boxes, light fixtures and more. Operation of the equipment was often problematic and participants often required technical support.


Needing a flexible solution for the different scenarios they encounter, the Municipality chose Tecom - the leading manufacturer in the field of smart lecterns and presentation solutions. The TecPodium Presenter HD was the chosen system that answered all their needs in the conference room for an easy to use presentation solution.


The TecPodium Presenter HD is a revolutionary all-in-one AV lectern. Employing state of the art innovative design, the Presenter allows for height adjustment at the touch of a button. All the multimedia equipment is secure and locked within the lectern.

The lectern carries a 22” multi-touch screen and integrated push button controls that allow easy operation of all presentation sources in the room.

The Presenter HD provides an elegant, unique and effective solution for meeting spaces. It also meets all ADA requirements for fitting the workplace to people with disabilities.

Now, the end-users reporting that presenters are much more at ease and comfort when delivering their message "loud and clear".

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tecom Collaborates with Crestron

On March 3, Tecom Electronics, a certified Crestron Integrated Partner, provided the presentation podium for the 2015 Forum Event, held at the Sheraton Conference Center.

The TecPodium Lite lectern was the chosen solution for this event and was used by the different speakers including the special guest speaker, Mr. Justin Kennington, Crestron DM Product Line manager.

The Pre-wired, fully integrated, All-in-One LITE AV lectern supports a stylish and sleek design and is easy and fast to install. The interactive pen display allows trainers to annotate directly on their materials in class making it ideal tool for classrooms, boardrooms and training facilities.

We are pleased to continue our ongoing collaboration with Crestron at this event and in many other different projects worldwide.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Tecom launches a new table top connection box - TCM-403

Convert any standard table into a conference table for a fraction of the price with the new TCM-403!

TCM-403 is a modular popup and hidden table-top socket. It has a built-in aerodynamic force pole, which can popup the socket (45 degree angle).

Standard connections include a universal AC outlet, 2 network connections, HDMI, VGA, audio, dual USB ports and 2 push buttons which could be connected to external control system to switch between the different sources. 

The TCM-403 is currently on special offer for education and government facilities.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Train Your Employees with Style... Corporate Car Leasing Training Center Goes Interactive!

2015 has started with yet another unique corporate project.
One of the leading companies in the business of car leasing, fleet operation and management for businesses and organizations, as well as a representative for rental companies, Dollar and Thrifty, has standardized on TecPodium Lecterns.

The company’s training department team, completing a 35 million dollar corporate HQ building and logistics center, was searching for a high-end, functional design and technologically advanced lecterns for their training rooms at the new facility.

The team sought and found all they desired in Tecom TIL-81HD, also known as TecPodium LITE. The Pre-wired, fully integrated, All-in-One LITE AV lectern supports a stylish and sleek design and is easy and fast to install. The interactive pen display allows trainers to annotate directly on their materials in class.

One of the comments heard after the installation was completed: “Now trainers’ work is much simpler. They can better focus on training their sales and support teams rather than fiddling with the AV equipment”.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tecom re-Invents AV Lecterns - High School Goes Interactive!

When one of the leading public high schools turned to Tecom for advice on how to technologically improve their unused public space in the main entrance hall, we were delighted.
Once again we can demonstrate how simple and affordable a “Transformation Project” can become.
Choosing the TecPodium Presenter Interactive Lectern as their main audio visual hub, the School was ready to go ahead with the project.

As installation took place the large open space got a complete makeover with the introduction of dual high brightness NEC short throw projectors, professional PA sound system with reinforced speakers and a mixing console, motorized projection screens, microphones and more all centrally controlled from the TecPodium Presenter Lectern control panel.

Now, the multi-purpose space is attracting many students and teachers and is being used by the School for gatherings, as a large interactive classroom, movie theater and for other events such as school performances and ceremonies. Teachers and students alike operate the installed AV system and love the simplicity and ease of use while the technical team enjoys the reliability and high performance of the system.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TecPodium Presenter nominated as "InAVation Awards 2015" Finalist!

InAVate magazine revealed the jury’s choice of nominees for the InAVation Awards 2015. Tecom is proud to have the new TecPodium Presenter Interactive Lectern nominated for an award. Now it’s up to YOU to help us win this award!
Each year, InAVate magazine honors outstanding companies and products in the professional audiovisual industry with an award.

On 10 February 2014, the first day of the ISE 2015 show, the awards will be distributed during a ceremony in Amsterdam.

Vote for TecPodium Presenter now and make your voice count!

(TecPodium Presenter in listed under "AV Mounting & Accessory")