TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Thursday, June 25, 2020

TecPodium Prime Lectern takes center stage in the main auditorium

Faculty of Humanities chose the TecPodium Prime as the solution for the main lecture hall. The smart lectern provides a complete audio-visual solution, with a unique operating panel that provides control over all devices in a simple and clear way, at a click of a button.

TecPodium Prime

The TecPodium Prime Lectern saves you time and money – say STOP to glitches during presentations, wasted time, equipment failures and technical hassle. Reliability, efficiency and ease of use have made Tecom Lecterns a desirable and sought-after solution.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Hospital Training Facility Goes Interactive with Tecom Lecterns

A large training school in a Hospital recently installed TecPodium I Lecterns in several spaces, turning them into interactive classrooms. Now Doctors and presenters are able to play presentations and videos, use USB and internet connections as well as enjoy quick and convenient connection to a laptop guest computer. The speaker microphone and sound system are already there so working with TecPodium I lectern is easy, simple and requires no explanation whatsoever.

TecPodium I lectern

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Tecom Electronics Smart Lecterns for Faculty of Social Work - New Technology Classrooms

The Faculty of Social Work at the University decided to install the new "TecPodium I" lectern in its classroom. TecPodium I lectern is an innovative, compact and modern-looking All in One podium. The operation of the lectern is simple and friendly, allowing content and lectures to be delivered simply and conveniently without unnecessary technical complications.

TecPodium I lectern

TecPodium I carries a cost-effective price that makes it an ideal solution for multiple classrooms or training rooms. The ADA compliant lectern has a steel structure and stable base. It has a user friendly, pre-programmed, projector control system with integrated HD switching and scaling system. It also accommodates a 21.5″ screen with USB connections, keyboard and mouse. The easily accessible HDMI and VGA laptop connectivity ports and the AC power outlet help presenters to concentrate on their message instead of solving AV hiccups. It has a Gooseneck microphone, amplifier and external speakers for voice and audio amplification.