TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hight Adjustable Lectern - Accessibility and High Visibility

A human services nonprofit organization, serving more than 4,500 children and adults with special needs, believes in the principle of inclusion - that everyone has the right to be a full part of the community.
When the organization decided to expand and build several new halls, for training and counseling, for people with special needs / disabilities and their families, choosing ADA compliant TecPodium Lecterns of Tecom Electronics, was the natural choice.

TecPodium Presenter HD - ADA compliant

In the main lecture hall, TecPodium Presenter HD – Height Adjustable Interactive Lectern was the chosen solution. Sporting a sleek, modern design, TecPodium Presenter is a sophisticated, compact lectern with multimedia capabilities built-in for smooth presentations.
It meets all ADA requirements, equipped with a smart electronic height adjustment, which enables perfect adjustment to the height of the lecturer by adjusting the height of the work surface with one simple click.
Now, the lecturer's working environment is adapted to the desired height and enables continuous sitting or standing work, accessible to any presenter.

TecPodium Presenter HD - Height Adjustable Lectern

The compact TecPodiums are equipped with a new high-quality PC with digital outputs, a unique and user-friendly control panel, a laptop connection, 22” multi-touch screen, stereo sound and a new HD switcher scaler - TSS-650 "The Translator".
The control of all the AV equipment in the hall, is through one simple push button, thus enabling the lecturer to concentrate in the materials of the lecture without clumsiness and the need for technical assistance.
Nowdays, demand for TecPodium lecterns is increasing due to ease of use and for meeting all technological needs. TecPodium are already installed in hundreds of academic institutions, classrooms and auditoriums worldwide with great success and remarkable experience.

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