TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Hight Adjustable Lectern - Accessibility and High Visibility

A human services nonprofit organization, serving more than 4,500 children and adults with special needs, believes in the principle of inclusion - that everyone has the right to be a full part of the community.
When the organization decided to expand and build several new halls, for training and counseling, for people with special needs / disabilities and their families, choosing ADA compliant TecPodium Lecterns of Tecom Electronics, was the natural choice.

TecPodium Presenter HD - ADA compliant

In the main lecture hall, TecPodium Presenter HD – Height Adjustable Interactive Lectern was the chosen solution. Sporting a sleek, modern design, TecPodium Presenter is a sophisticated, compact lectern with multimedia capabilities built-in for smooth presentations.
It meets all ADA requirements, equipped with a smart electronic height adjustment, which enables perfect adjustment to the height of the lecturer by adjusting the height of the work surface with one simple click.
Now, the lecturer's working environment is adapted to the desired height and enables continuous sitting or standing work, accessible to any presenter.

TecPodium Presenter HD - Height Adjustable Lectern

The compact TecPodiums are equipped with a new high-quality PC with digital outputs, a unique and user-friendly control panel, a laptop connection, 22” multi-touch screen, stereo sound and a new HD switcher scaler - TSS-650 "The Translator".
The control of all the AV equipment in the hall, is through one simple push button, thus enabling the lecturer to concentrate in the materials of the lecture without clumsiness and the need for technical assistance.
Nowdays, demand for TecPodium lecterns is increasing due to ease of use and for meeting all technological needs. TecPodium are already installed in hundreds of academic institutions, classrooms and auditoriums worldwide with great success and remarkable experience.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Reliable, Simple and Easy to use Technological Classrooms - Integrated Solution for Educators

The Faculty of Education at the University suffered from cumbersome equipment and a busy lecturer's desk, which made it difficult for lecturers to teach and deliver presentations to their students in a convenient and efficient way.

The AV team chose TecPodium WorkStation solution for the faculty classrooms upgrade.

TecPodium WorkStation

TecPodium WorkStation lectern provides a complete, well equipped AV solution, alongside an attractive pricing, fits any classroom or training room.

Now, lecturers can connect to the projector, display, laptop, sound system and deliver their materials in a simple, easy-to-use way, without any technical difficulties.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

TecPodium I - Elegant Compact Lectern - Perfect Solution for Lecture Hall

Youth education center, which promotes activities in the field of culture, education, science, sports and more, chose to install in its main auditorium the new TecPodium I – a smart compact lectern with modern design and an easy-to-use operation.

TecPodium I

TecPodium I is a user friendly, and helps delivering better presentations.
It allows connection of the integrated computer and additionally allows for a laptop connection.
The image is displayed on the main projector in the classroom and the presenter confidence monitor.
TecPodium I, ergonomically designed, includes features like 21" protected display as well as easy-to-use, push-buttons control panel.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Main Auditorium at the College of Education Gets TecPodium Lite – Smart Lectern with Advanced Technology

A leading College of Education chose TecPodium Lite smart lectern for its main auditorium.

TecPodium Lite is a compact smart lectern that integrates all audio-video equipment in the auditorium, in a simple, convenient and efficient way.

TecPodium Lite smart lectern

With a single push-button click, the projector image changes from the desktop computer in the lectern to a laptop HDMI port.

TecPodium Lite - smart lectern, can be customized to meet all users and for any technological needs, that may arise. It is so simple to use and operate that it fits well presentation environments with many guest lecturers, exactly like the main auditorium at the College.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Classroom upgrade with live lecture recording and streaming

Did you ever wonder "if it would only be possible to record my lecture simply, without getting complex editing, sound problems, quality issues and then to be able to upload it for the use and benefit of all students?"
Today, this is achievable using TecPodium Lecterns.

The school of social work in the university combines advanced methods of teaching, simulation and leading scientific studies which are taught with advanced audio-video systems.

TecPodium WorkStation Lecterns

The faculty chose TecPodium WorkStation Lecterns and a lecture capture system from Tecom Electronics for its classroom and simulation rooms.
Compact cabinet structure accommodates all the Audio-Visual equipment typically used in a presentation, with a locking door that keeps it safe and secure.

The lecture capture system was housed within the lectern and with easy controls allow presenters to simply start their presentation, broadcast and record at a touch of a button.

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TecPodium Lectern in Classrooms - An elegant and Easy to Use Solution

A Leading Research Institution within the University, chose to equip its classroom including the main lecture space with the new TecPodium I Lectern from Tecom – known for its simple operation and ease of use.

The high-quality stylish lectern is made of steel for durability and long-lasting operation. The TecPodium I is equipped with sound system and a sensitive microphone for the lecturer, connects to any projector or other display device in the room and allows interactive presentations with a quick interface for a laptop computer.

TecPodium I smart lectern

The TecPodium I smart lectern upgrades any classroom or lecture hall, it’s aesthetic, durable and easy to use by any presenter.

TecPodium I carries a cost-effective price that makes it an ideal solution for multiple classrooms or training rooms.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tecom Launches its New Compact Lectern – the “TecPodium I”

All-in-One compact and economic lectern has all the newest features integrated

Tecom launches its newly developed compact lectern TSI-61, also known as “TecPodium I”.

Tecom Electronics, manufacturer of the TecPodium Smart Lecterns product line, responded to the ever-growing demand for better and more affordable technological solutions to the current and future classroom and boardroom requirements. The latest offering is the “TecPodium I” – a All-in-One cost-effective compact lectern.

TecPodium I lectern

Sporting a sleek, modern design, TecPodium I is a sophisticated compact lectern with multimedia capabilities built-in for smooth presentations. The compact and space saving cabinet structure accommodates all the audio-visual equipment typically used in a presentation, with a locking door that keeps it safe and secure.
The TecPodium I feature a true plug and play capability and can be quickly installed in new or existing facilities. Interfacing easily with any projector or a large display, its compact design easily accommodates classrooms, conference centers, lecture halls and boardrooms.

TecPodium I lectern

TecPodium I carries a cost-effective price that makes it an ideal solution for multiple classrooms or training rooms. The ADA compliant lectern has a steel structure and stable base. It has a user friendly, pre-programmed, projector control system with integrated HD switching and scaling system. It also accommodates a 21.5" screen with USB connections, keyboard and mouse. The easily accessible HDMI and VGA laptop connectivity ports and the AC power outlet help presenters to concentrate on their message instead of solving AV hiccups. It has a Gooseneck microphone, amplifier and external speakers for voice and audio amplification.

TecPodium I lectern

Aviv Brosilovski, Tecom CEO commented: “Our new TecPodium I provide integrated AV technology without breaking a sweat. Combined with the option to control all the AV equipment in a classroom, an easy to use compact lectern and a cost-effective pricing, we offer customers to save valuable time and money”.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Case Study: Nigeria National Defence College (NDC) in Abuja revamps its main auditorium with TecPodium Interactive Lecterns

Established in 1992, The National Defence College (NDC) is the highest military institution for the training of senior military officers in Nigeria. It is the apex military training institution for the Nigerian Armed Forces, and a Center of Excellence for peace support operations training at the strategic level in West Africa.

Tecom Electronics has recently supplied TecPodium Interactive Lecterns to the NDC main auditorium.

TecPodium Interactive Lecterns installed on both sides of the main auditorium at the National Defence College in Nigeria

The AV integrator, Hewelt Systems, choose to deploy two TecPodium Interactive TPI-12W podiums. The Interactive Lectern provides a world class connectivity with other appliances in the hall.

Sporting a modern look and an easy-of-use push-buttons, user friendly interface, the TecPodium Interactive was chosen for its smart capabilities, helping presenters focus on their materials. TecPodium Interactive unique design allows seamless transition of presentation sources – from PC to laptops, document cameras and more.

TecPodium Lecterns - ease of use and simplicity in AV control

The AV Integrator installed a 4.5 x 3 m LED screen with a high brightness projector and motorized screen as a backup. This was to provide a professional display solution for such a large audience with an immersive viewing experience. The control room was fitted with video mixer switchers to take and switch multiple audio and video inputs.

In both sides of the auditorium, two fully equipped TecPodium Interactive lecterns (TPI-12W) were installed with multi-touch capabilities serving as the brainbox for presentations and lecturers.

Idongesit Inyang, Hewelt Systems Limited CEO: “The College lecture theatre is the flagship project in the military establishment in Nigeria in recent time. It is the largest and one of the main halls the College has to offer, therefore, it was important to demand an AV solution that would address modern presentation needs with superior technology that guarantees security and flexibility to a high-profile client like this.”

Efrat Elitzur, Tecom Electronics Account Executive: “We are glad to see the use of our Interactive Lecterns by another worldwide governmental institution as Tecom puts the client satisfaction as top priority.”

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