TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Case Study: Corporate Training Gets TecPodium Lecterns

Easy to Use, Flexible and Comprehensive Training Solution for a Beautiful Corporate Campus

A recent installation at the new, stunning corporate training facility included TecPodium Lecterns.
After having operating difficulties with the existing Audio-Visual equipment at the training center, the owner said "enough is enough".  The waste of training time, and money spent on technician hours, were issues managers and lecturers dealt with on daily basis.

TecPodium installation at My Campus new training facilities were quick and clean as all cables were already in place.  Now all trainers and instructors feel more comfortable to use all audio-visual equipment, and can easily concentrate on the content instead on delivery.
TecPodium Lite and Presenter lecterns installed in the corporate training lecture halls

One of the new rooms is a split lecture hall where the TecPodium Lite lectern controls the AV equipment, dual projectors, motorized screen and more.
In the smaller classrooms TecPodium Presenter lectern was installed with multi-touch screen, projector control and stereo sound, all pre-programmed and configured "out of the box".

TecPodium Lecterns with a protective wire harness designed for room flexability

As the rooms sitting layout is changed frequently, the TecPodium Lecterns were equipped with a protective wire harness to maintain the room flexibility.

We look forward to expanding to other corporate training centers, and to serve as an example in other corporate environments!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Case Study: Multipurpose Lecture Hall Gets TecPodium Presenter Lectern

Tecom has successfully supplied TecPodium Presenter lectern to the multi-purpose hall serving for both smaller seminars and larger presentations. The hall changes his layout on a daily basis. The acoustic wall system allows for the splitting of the larger lecture area into 3 smaller rooms, each having it’s own presentation system.

TecPodium Presenter Lectern

The customer chose TecPodium Presenter lectern that houses all the audio-video equipment, locked and secure. From the Tecom control panel the lecturer can control all projectors and sound system in the 3 rooms easily at a touch of a button. Once the projector is turned on the electric motorized screen and projector lift is rolled down. At the end of the presentation all equipment is automatically turn off and is secure.

The Presenter was equipped with heavy-duty wheels to allow maneuverability in the lecture hall and compliance with the different layouts. Simple, cost-effective, advanced and high-quality solution from Tecom.

Sporting a sleek, modern design, TecPodium Presenter is a sophisticated, fully ADA compliant, compact lectern with multimedia capabilities built-in for smooth presentations.

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