TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Faculty of Humanities Chooses Ease of Use

TecPodium Smart Lecterns Provide a Simple and Cost-Effective Solution

The Faculty of Humanities, a longtime TecPodium customer, has recently renovated and upgraded several classrooms.

Tecom All-In-One AV solutions
Tecom AV solutions were selected for this project in the form of TecPodium WorkStation. The WorkStation was integrated with a side teacher desk for extra working surface.

Faculty Classroom upgraded with TecPodium WorkStation

From the smart lectern, the Professor can now control the classroom projector, motorized projection screen, audio-visual equipment source switching, sound system and more, at a click of a button.

TecPodium WorkStation

Faculty request for comfort and ease of use of their end-users was completely addressed by the TecPodium WorkStation and in the coming Semester break several more classrooms will be updated in the same manner.

Tecom AV solutions were selected for this project
Turning classrooms into a presentation environment has never been easier with Tecom all-in-one AV solutions.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

University Studios Turn Interactive

AV Integration in a Secure, Compact Lectern

The School of Education recording studios are one of the busiest classrooms. Educational session start very early morning till late hours. Almost all aspects of recording, PTZ camera control and AV management is run by the technical team from a central control room at the Faculty.

One of the main issues the Studios were suffering from was the AV system integration at the teacher consoles. Cables were always a mess, the teacher had to handle several remote controls and the technical team limited resources were unable to provide the service level they were used to.

When introduced with TecPodium WorkStation, both Faculty and technical teams fell in love…

University Education Studios prior to the installation

All the AV equipment, PC, laptop guest computer connections, sound control and many other components were integrated into a small form, compact and easy to use console. The AV equipment is locked and secure, offering aesthetically pleasant sight.

Studios looks much sleeker and pleasant with TecPodium WorkStation

Now the teachers can focus on their message rather than fiddle with the equipment. The technical studio team are able to work much more efficiently from the control room and support numerous studios at the same time without stepping away from the room.

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