TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

All in One - a leading college chose Tecom Electronics AV solutions for Hybrid classrooms

A leading College in Israel for training employees for the high-tech professions, which offers the most professional and comprehensive study courses in the market, has established several study complexes throughout the country and tested various AV solutions for the purpose of installing the equipment in all classrooms. 

After examining the solutions, the college management chose Tecom's advanced, hybrid and professional audio-video technological solutions.

A Project is Born

Tecom planned, advised and installed professional AV equipment in all of the classrooms and boardrooms. The AV solutions installed for hybrid classrooms that are used both by lecturers and students who can teach and learn remotely.

In the planning stages preceding the installation, Tecom carried out a careful planning for all the AV, lighting, projection and control systems.

Choosing the Solution

The intention was to allow trainers and participants to give presentations seamlessly and easy to use systems. And so, in a tight and busy schedule, Tecom provided and installed AV equipment and advanced hybridtechnology systems to the full satisfaction of the customer, lecturers and students.

On the technical side: technological complexity, simplicity of operation

The innovative classrooms were equipped with the best and advanced technology that were aesthetically integrated into the new furniture: video conference systems, sensitive microphones for high-quality audio, robotic PTZ cameras in HD quality with exceptional image sharpness that enable blackboard capture and have a wide viewing angle, sound systems, professional projectors and LED screens and advanced controllers tailored for hybrid classrooms, multiple video interfaces and more.

Systems operation is simple and user-friendly and does not require prior technical knowledge-Tecom specializes in making complex and complicated technological equipment accessible.  Now, the user experience meets all needs of the professional staff and the students, who report zero glitches and a unique, beneficial and professional learning experience.

The new learning environment actually enables a realistic experience that simulates the real "field" in the high-tech world.

The Power of Collaboration

From a planning stage to choosing what systems will make the cut, the professional teams, both from the client's side, the interior designer, the executive contractor and from Tecom, worked in a complete collaboration. 

In turn, this resulted in a well-prepared project followed by a smooth installation exactly as planned.

Tecom Electronics has vast experience when it comes to various clients from the education and higher education sector. It is precisely in these types of projects, which are customized, that our team and products surpass themselves and provide unique AV solutions.

Efrat Elitzur, Tecom Electronics Chief Marketing Officer: "The AV part of the project was completed in record time, thanks to the smooth and fast installation of the hybrid classrooms and integration.

It was important to provide simple solutions to operate and at the same time to provide excellent solutions that meets all technological needs in a flexible and uncompromising way. 

A tough schedule, customized production and fast delivery while working closely with the client, just to make sure everything is covered, all these and more - are embedded in our DNA with providing outstanding service.

The final result is the satisfaction of the client, the teaching staff and the students. we are glad to see another education institution satisfied as Tecom puts the client satisfaction as top priority.”

About Tecom Electronics Ltd

Tecom specializes in AV system integration solutions for audio-video systems and technology-intensive projects for leading organizations worldwide.

Among our clients are educational and academic institutions, military institutions, industry and defense, government ministries, corporations, banks, high-tech companies, municipalities, local councils and local authorities.


Credit Photos: Ronen Kerem - Photographer

Credit Interior Design: Mor Hadar Interior Design

Thursday, May 18, 2023

New Project ⭐ New hybrid classrooms and TecPodium I smart AV lecterns in a new college

A nationwide college with several branches campuses for engineering and technology that offers professional study tracks, chose Tecom's technological, hybrid and professional audio-video solutions for all of their classrooms.

Tecom installed in dozens of classrooms in various learning centers TecPodium I smart AV lecterns and pro AV equipment for hybrid classrooms for the ease of use by the college staff and students.

TecPodium I is a compact, smart and high-quality lectern which controls on all the multimedia and AV equipment installed in the classroom, simple to use in a push of a button.

The Hybrid classrooms were equipped with the best advanced technology include robotic PTZ cameras in full HD with exceptional image sharpness, microphones, sound systems, professional projectors and screens, advanced control systems adapted to hybrid classrooms and more.

Best advanced technology were installed by Tecom in the hybrid classrooms

Operating the systems in the classrooms is simple, easy to use and does not require prior technical knowledge.

Now, presenters and staff can deliver their lessons and lectures without any glitches and complications using computers, laptops, sound system and projectors with a high quality experience that meets all the user's needs.

Planning hybrid classrooms or hybrid rooms? Contact us for a demonstration and learn how to equip your room.

The advantages of using Tecom AV solutions include:

TecPodium smart lecterns control the AV equipment, simple to use and reliable

Capture of classes, training and professional discussions

Option to live broadcast and stream

High-quality and advanced equipment which is simple to use, highly reliable, flexible and customized


Monday, May 8, 2023

Tecom signs on an exclusive distribution agreement!

Tecom Electronics is the exclusive representative in the country of the leading video platform Panopto for educational and higher education institutions and companies and recently the continuation of the exclusivity agreement was signed.

Students have already begun to demand and ask the academic institutions for the convenient and efficient service of video capture lectures when they cannot attend physically to the classroom for a variety of reasons and also for the purpose of advanced and beneficial learning.

 Did you know? 💡

Recent studies indicate that students who are more involved in augmented reality (AR) learn better when they watch videos. Thus, a new study found that the augmented reality classroom received a high score among users who reported that they felt more involved in the content than a video lesson. At the same time, objective data showed that users who interacted with the augmented reality model learned less than those who watched video lessons. The conclusion is that the advanced and effective learning is also through videos / capture lessons and lectures.

 Panopto is a friendly and extremely easy to use video platform for students, lecturers and faculty, helps manage all the video files that are recorded and uploaded to the university / college module, including enabling live broadcast of events on campus.

Tecom supplies and installs all the AV hardware equipment needed by an educational institution for the purpose of capture and recording lectures and hybrid learning and in combination with Panopto - you can teach and learn easily and efficiently with the most advanced technology.

The most advanced Universities and Colleges in the world are already using Panopto to their satisfaction, including the leading Universities and Colleges in the country.


Panopto advantages for learning:

Video integration in LMS

Recording of lectures and lessons

Uploading video content for reuse including an advanced search engine

Live broadcast of the presentations at the click of a button

Easy and efficient search in the video library

Interactive software that produces engagement and advanced learning

Uncompromising service

Data analysis and data that help improve learning

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Tecom Electronics case study: Nigerian government institution installs TecPodium lectern in AV Magazine

Tecom Electronics case study: Nigerian government institution installs TecPodium lectern in AV Magazine

TecPodium smart AV lecterns to the main auditorium in Nigeria 

"The smart lectern allows people to present without relying on the control room operator to call up their slides, while providing a seamless transition of sources from laptops and document cameras."

For more information on Tecpodium, visit us

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Case Study: Nigeria Government Institute revamps its main auditorium with TecPodium Lecterns

Established in 1999, The National institution unites other government institutions in Nigeria.  

The AV integrator, Hewelt Systems, choose to deploy TecPodium smart AV podium to the main auditorium. The Lectern provides a world class connectivity with other appliances in the hall.

Sporting a modern look and an easy-of-use push-buttons, user friendly interface, the TecPodium was chosen for its smart capabilities, helping presenters focus on their materials. TecPodium lectern unique design allows seamless transition of presentation sources – from PC to laptops, document cameras and more.

TecPodium AV lecterns installed in the new auditorium in Nigeria

The AV Integrator installed a 4.5 x 3 m LED screen with a high brightness projector and motorized screen as a backup. This was to provide a professional display solution for such a large audience with an immersive viewing experience. The control room was fitted with video mixer switchers to take and switch multiple audio and video inputs.

On the side of the auditorium, a fully equipped TecPodium lectern was installed with an Interactive Pen display capabilities serving as the brainbox for presentations and lecturers.

Idongesit Inyang, Hewelt Systems Limited CEO next to TecPodium smart AV lecterns

Idongesit Inyang, Hewelt Systems Limited CEO: “The institute lecture theatre is the flagship project in Nigeria in recent time. It is the largest and one of the main halls the institute has to offer, therefore, it was important to demand an AV solution that would address modern presentation needs with superior technology that guarantees security and flexibility to a high-profile client like this.”


Efrat Elitzur, Tecom Electronics Chief Marketing Officer: “We are glad to see the use of our Interactive Lecterns by another worldwide governmental institution as Tecom puts the client satisfaction as top priority.”

For more information: www.tecpodium.com

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tecom Electronics supplies and installs meeting rooms at the University

Tecom supplied and installed advanced audio video equipment in meeting rooms at the university both for the convenience of the faculty staff and for the daily use of the students.

Tecom supplied and installed advanced AV equipment in meeting rooms at the university

Tecom supplies and installs meeting rooms including video conference systems and capture systems for recording meetings and lectures, working and studying remotely.

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Monday, March 13, 2023

TecPodium AV lecterns - a perfect solution for lecture halls ☄️

Upon returning of frontal conferences and studies, the demand for podiums and smart AV lecterns for lecture halls, auditoriums and classrooms is increasing.

Tecom provided and installed in the lecture halls smart AV TecPodium I lecterns, a compact, smart and high-quality lecterns with USB connections and a laptop connectivity, which controls on all multimedia and AV equipment in the classrooms, simple to use and efficient.

Now, lecturers can deliver their lessons and lectures without any glitches and complications alongside high visibility.

TecPodium I in the lecture halls

The advantages of using TecPodium solutions include:

• TecPodium Smart lecterns control the AV equipment, simple to use and reliable

Capture of classes, training and professional discussions 

• Option to live broadcast and stream

• High-quality and advanced equipment which is simple to use, highly reliable, flexible and customized.


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Panopto - Tecom conference at the University

 Last week we held the first conference on Panopto at the country.

Panopto is a friendly and extremely easy-to-use video platform that helps manage all the video files that are capture and uploaded to the university/college's module.

Panopto enables recording of lectures, editing video contents that enables distance learning and their use for the benefit of users in educational institutions.

In addition, Panopto serves as a perfect solution for high-tech companies, banks, corporations and more.

The conference presented the innovations in the field of capture lectures, video content management, trends for the future and uses in academic institutions.

Panopto Tecom conference at the University 

We were very happy to welcome Denis Staskewitsch - Panopto's EMEA sales director and Myra den Haan - hihaho's director of partnerships for creating interactive videos, who came especially to the conference.

Also participated: Israel Inter‑University Computation Center-IUCC, lecturers, heads of the center for teaching and learning, CIO's from universities and colleges and more.

Advanced and leading academic institutions all over the world are already using Panopto software to their full satisfaction.

We were very happy to host and meet the attendees from the Universities and Colleges.

Tecom Electronics is Panopto's representative in the country.

For more information: www.tecpodium.com 

University boardrooms goes hybrid

 Tecom supplied and installed advanced video conference systems at the university boardrooms for upgrading the meeting and management rooms of the faculty staff.

Hybrid Boardrooms by Tecom Electronics

Advanced and easy-to-use audio-video equipment installed: professional screens, cameras, microphones, control systems and more, and turned standard rooms into smart hybrid meeting rooms for conducting meetings and, of course, for the well-being of the management team.

For more information: www.tecpodium.com

Monday, February 13, 2023

Summarizing Integrated Systems Europe 2023 exhibition in Barcelona!

 This month we participated at the ISE – Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, the world's largest exhibition for professional AV which took place in lovely Barcelona, Spain.

The exhibition featured about 1,000+ exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world participated, met, collaborated and more. 

We are always happy to meet old friends, customers, partners and reach new contacts! We look forward and excited for the upcoming collaborations.