TecPodium Lecterns

TecPodium Lecterns

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Professional High School chooses TecPodium Lite for the main Auditorium

The new main auditorium in the School serves conferences, seminars, parties, lectures, tutorials and workshops. The school chose Tecom Electronics advanced solutions and the smart Lectern-TecPodium Lite.

TecPodium Lite in the main auditorium

The innovative and designed lectern integrated all the audio-video equipment, connects to the laser projector and sound system in the auditorium, which allowing a simple operation and comprehensive presentation solution.

TecPodium Lite Smart Lectern

TecPodium Lite features an adjustable screen mount that allows each lecturer to adjust the screen angle for maximum comfort. TecPodium Lite upgrades any lecture hall or classroom, providing lecturers ease and comfort throughout their presentations.

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TecPodium I smart lectern in Technological Schools

Technological Schools chain chose to install the TecPodium I Lectern in its main computer lab.

TecPodium I in a computer lab

Tecom Electronics Lecterns are characterized by easy and convenient use, provide an elegant and efficient solution and connect to any projector or display screen.

TecPodium I Smart Lectern

In this case, the Lectern is also equipped with the optional wheels and wire harness that allows mobility and flexibility in the study area.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

TecPodium I - upgrades any training room

Nursing School in a large Hospital chose TecPodium I lecterns to its classrooms. The Lectern provides a unique and effective solution to training. The compact and space saving cabinet structure accommodates all the Audio-Visual equipment typically used in a presentation, with a locking door that keeps it safe and secure.

TecPodium I is a complete solution for any classroom, boardroom and training room. Quick to install, the TecPodium I features a true plug and play capability.

TecPodium I

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TecPodium WorkStation turnes Library computer lab into an interactive learning space

Faculty of Exact Sciences Library turned its computer lab into an interactive learning space where students and professors interact.

The TecPodium Workstation was installed alongside a powerful Epson laser projector and complete sound system. Now the Lectern is used to control the AV equipment for the benefit of students.

TecPodium WorkStation

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